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Power as a Service

Telecom Towers Africa provides its customers with full Power Service (If Required) on its sites, thereby freeing up its customers Capex for its core business.  Telecom Towers Africa will provide the Power As A Service with billing tools to all tenants on site and meet the SLA of its customers.  Telecom Towers Africa will make use of the latest technologies and Green Energy Solutions thereby reducing the carbon footprint in the industry.  Our DC power solutions will provide our customers with uninterrupted power and through the one of a kind PowerNOC service, we will ensure 100% power availability.  Power becomes our solution…

Fortified Solutions

Telecom Towers Africa will not only provide Telco’s access to high-rise infrastructure but will provide a complete solution to its customer. 

  • The Telecom Towers Africa sites will be built to three standards, based on the level of risk associated with the area and the need to fortify the site, with Fort3 being the highest standard of physical security.
    • Fort1 – Standard site build (Palisade Fencing, Plinths for MNO, Access locks, RMS, PIR, Standard DC cabinet should we supply Power as a Service (PaaS)
    • Fort2 – Standard site build (Clear-Vu Fencing, Plinths for MNO, Access locks, RMS, PIR, Concrete hardened DC cabinet Power as a Service (PaaS)
    • Fort3 – Hardened site build (Perimeter wall, Concrete Multi Shelter, Access locks, RMS, PIR, CCTV with DC solution in shelter)

Base Station Hotel

Supercharge the network by upgrading existing sites with more powerful antennas and instantly get significant improvements. With Radio Innovation’s new antenna upgrades, standard sites will increase coverage up to 10 times or site traffic capacity multiplied by 6-18 times. Our towers all have unique performance characteristics. The design is modular and have a very low wind resistance and a very high pay-load EPA to weight ratio. This is essential to deliver 4G LTE and high speed data, relative to GSM voice only. The traffic will be more than 6,000 times greater per customer than voice traffic.

Remote Monitoring

Our fully integrated, one dashboard for the management and reporting on all our infrastructure includes our Field Force software with field app for total infrastructure and power management supports our “Best in Class” service suite to our customers. Our RPMS is a near real time smart monitoring and reporting system which enables remote monitoring and managing  of equipment & devices over the internet, via Smart Terminal connected to the site hardware

Telecom Site Construction & Installation

Site Build (Greenfiled, Rooftop, SCS)
Tower Structural Analysis  / Strengthening
Mobile & Rapid Deployment Units
Site Upgrades / Refurbishments
Roadworks & Civil Construction
Colocations & Active Sharing
Tower Replacements

Power Systems & Renewable Energy

ESCO / PAAS Partner
DC Systems
Hybrid & Stability Power Solutions
Green Energy Solutions
Mini Grids & Net Metering
Site Power Optimisation
Remote Power Monitoring System

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

Radio & Transmission Planning
Site Dimensioning
Install Operate & Maintain
In-Building Solutions
Drive Tests
Benchmark & Audit
UAV Solutions

Managed Services, Maintenance & Operations

Trouble Ticket Handling
Site Performance Management
Operations & Maintenance (PPM & CPM)
Site Optimisation & Config Management
Continuous Improvement Drive ? OPEX
Site Assest manament

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